Increase in Crime Duty Solicitor Cover, protecting your rights and fighting for justice.
14th August 2017

Following the recent acquisition of the Lee Rigby Partnership in Leyland, Roebucks have increased its number of Criminal Litigation Accredited specialised Criminal Lawyers to 7.

Roebucks join forces with Lee Rigby Partnership
18th July 2017

Roebucks Solicitors have acquired The Lee Rigby Partnership of Leyland to form a formidable new legal presence covering the Blackburn, Hyndburn, Ribble Valley and South Ribble areas which will still be known as Roebucks Solicitors but will incorporate Lee Rigby Partnership LLP.

Protecting Digital Assets, a Matter of Life and Death!
26th May 2017

The recent cyber attacks on the NHS have demonstrated the significant importance of cyber security and protecting our digital assets in an age when a sizable proportion of our key information is kept online.

Roebucks give 'a Royal Seal of Approval'
24th April 2017

Roebucks, like so many prominent experts in the field of Mental Health, praise Prince William and Prince Harry for their recent comments encouraging people to 'Open Up' about Mental Health.

The Princes have received praise from charities and campaigners for marking a "true turning point" in the battle to remove the mental health stigma.

Open for Legal Aid
29th March 2017

Roebucks continue to be committed to helping everyone have access to justice and committed to providing clients with Legal Aid.

It saddens us as one of the largest providers of Legally Aided services in Lancashire, that when discussing Legal Aid, we often hear the response that 'I thought there was no Legal Aid anymore.'