Independent Review of the Mental Health Act

19th December 2018

Independent Review of the Mental Health Act

With the news filled with Brexit it is possible you may have missed an important piece of news which hopefully will have a positive impact on many of our clients. On the 6th December the independent review of the Mental Health Act has completed its work and published its recommendations to the UK Government.

This review confirmed the startling figure that in 2017/18 49,551 people were detained in a Mental Health Hospitals, sectioned through legislation that is 35 years old and not fit for purpose the 1983 Mental Health Act, a staggering 40% increase from 2005/6.

The review in total makes 154 recommendations to improve care and treatment of the most vulnerable in society including

As one of the North West's largest specialist Mental Health Legal Providers who represent daily clients detained under this Act, fighting for their rights, liberty and being their voice, we are particularly pleased to see the recommendation that detention stages and timelines are reformed and less restrictive. This includes including introducing a second clinical opinion at 14 days of admission, reducing the initial maximum detention periods, introducing a new time limit by which a bed must be found following an order for detention and there is a full review of criteria of detention prior to a tribunal taking place.

The review should also be applauded for introducing an easy guide to its important work for all to understand which can be found HERE.

The full review can be found HERE.

Our Role

At Roebucks, our mental health team support you or a loved one who are enduring Mental Health problems and are detained in a hospital by ensuring;

Please contact the Mental Health Team on 01254 274000 for a confidential chat to see if we can assist and support you or a loved one as awareness and understanding of everyone’s mental health is important.