Accrington Footballer speaks about Mental Health Struggle.

8th February 2018

Accrington Footballer Bill Kee has been nominated for League Two Player of the Month award for January, and deserves credit for this.

As the leading Mental Health lawyers in the Ribble Valley, Roebucks praise Billy for opening up about his struggles with Mental Health. Billy explained to the BBC that he had the ‘Perfect Job’ but was suffering from depression and was suffering suicidal thoughts. He has also learnt he is suffering from Bi-Polar disorder.

He describes his depression as the ‘rat in my head that won’t stop.’ In a profession where Managers are judged by results, Accrington’s Manager John Coleman deserves considerable credit for showing compassion and understanding. John said, ‘It is a dark world depression. People are afraid of the stigma. Until you have been depressed, you can’t tell people who haven’t been depressed what it is like. You can try and describe it, but it doesn’t make any sense in your own head.’

At Roebucks we recognise that anyone can suffer from a mental illness at any time, regardless of how others perceive their life and it is our role to ensure that you have a voice and assistance when the world might not make sense to you and bring some light to a dark world. We support you or a loved one who may be enduring Mental Health problems and are detained in a hospital by ensuring;

Kee’s honesty should be commended.

See the full BBC interview here