Quality Assurance

5th January 2018

Roebucks are delighted to announce that following recent external quality audits the assessors have given confirmation of the High Standard of Service given to clients and the competency of our staff.

During our Lexcel Assessment, the independent Law Society Legal Excellence Standard, the external assessor commented that, 'good management and development and promotion of fee earners over recent years has put the firm in a strong position with appointed heads of department and directors enabling potential further growth of the business and succession planning.'

They continued to state;

'Evidently able, long-serving, returning and committed staff across the firm provide a valuable and key contribution to its' success.'

As part of the Management of our Legal Aid Criminal Contract the Practice had a peer review conducted independently by an independent practitioner who was an expert in the field, who reviewed 12 cases conducted by us.

Roebucks achieved a 'competence plus' rating a very strong result which included comments such as;

'Letters to clients following police station attendances were excellent and fully summarised the evidence, client's account, advice, offences and often sentence too.'

'Initial letters to clients in the Magistrates' Court were to a very high standard and hugely informative to the client.'

'The Crown court cases reviewed were well prepared which demonstrated pro-active defence work where the client was given robust and firm advice from the outset. A very good deal was negotiated for the client due to this work.'

'There was evidence of a good working relationship with Counsel, which was to the client's advantage.'

It is fantastic to get such positive assurance and feedback from industry experts however at Roebucks the most important feedback we value is from our clients themselves.

In 2017 our client satisfaction survey results, feedback shared with us anonymously from our clients have indicated the following, 93% of clients rated our services as excellent and 96% would recommend us to someone else who needed legal help and advice.

As a current or prospective client or prospective employee of Roebucks this recognition and commitment to quality gives you the assurance that whatever your dealings with us are, you can be 'assured' of excellence.