The unintended consequences of social media and family law

7th August 2018

The unintended consequences of social media and family law.

As family lawyers we are seeing social media evidence being used in court on a weekly and often daily basis.

This is not surprising as it is now widely accepted that social media (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)  is a part of our everyday lives.

While social media can be a great way to educate, communicate and catch up with friends and family it can be a very dangerous in a family law context. It should always be remembered by the parties in a family law dispute that anything that you post on social media may be used as evidence against you in Court.

The breakdown of marriage or relationship generally causes the parties involved intense emotional stress and can heighten tension.

In general, posting information on line when you are highly stressed and emotional is not a good idea. It may even be wise during this time of high stress and heightened emotion to limit or withdraw from using social media all together.

Our experience as family lawyers suggest that individuals are much more likely to post unpleasant negative messages to their partners on line than say it to their former partner's face.

It is a really bad idea to post negative or disparaging statements about your former spouse online. Such statements can only act to harm all involved. If you can't say anything nice, then do not say it at all!

It is also worthwhile considering that essentially once something is posted online it is there forever and this means that one day your children may see it. In summary, the parties in a family law dispute should avoid social media or certainly consider the impact of any statements made.

We would always advise our clients to avoid getting into arguments over social media but again the advice goes further than that. Below are a few examples which should be avoided. 

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